Sunday, June 27, 2010

High on the Mountain Top

Who: The WHOLE Woodbury clan
What: Camping
When: This weekend
Where: Somewhere around Flagstaff
Why: Because it's a BLAST!

We took SO many pictures, so here are about 1/4 of them :)

When I say the whole Woodbury clan was there, I mean the WHOLE family.
Even Brooks was there in spirit...

As you can see... it was such a good weekend and SO much fun :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Casualty on the Lord's Errand

Around seven last night, we were on our way to Chase's parents house when we saw our ward's missionaries on the side of the road. One of them had crashed on their bike so we quickly swerved into the parking lot when we saw them on the sidewalk and hurried over to help. Elder Olsen was sitting on a rock, his face and clothes in bad shape from his crash. Kelly Parkinson was cleaning a cut on his right eye that was pretty deep and in need of stitches.

They had already called 911 by the time we got there, but no one had come yet. Once they did arrive, they asked him a bunch of questions and he was able to answer all but one...
he couldn't remember what happened.
Elder Olsen claimed that he felt fine, but they said that since he hit his head pretty hard that they wanted to call an ambulance and have him taken to the hospital to get looked at and stitched up.
As the hour passed by, more and more ward members would drive by, see us, and hurry out of their car to see what was going on. By the time the ambulance got there, there were about 20 ward members surrounding Elder Olsen showing him their love and concern.

That's when I realized how much I truly love our ward and the people in it... each and every member is so thoughtful and willing to help out one another in a heartbeat.

When the ambulance arrived, they hoisted Elder Olsen onto a stretcher and took him away. Elder Amey took the passenger seat of the ambulance, and the Baldwins followed them to the hospital. The Mission President met them there as well.

I have no doubt in my mind that Elder Olsen will be just fine, as he is in the Lord's hands and the Lord knows all the wonderful things that Elder Olsen still has to accomplish on his mission, as well as the many lives that he will bless.

Please keep him in your prayers- that he will have a quick recovery and that he will be okay!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shishkabobs n' Cupcakes

This weekend was full of fun festivities.

Saturday, Chase and I went to a BBQ at our friend's house and we brought something that Chase has wanted to make for a long time...

And since we ended up having a bunch of extra peppers... Chase had a chef vision (he gets these often) of making stuffed peppers. He has never made stuffed peppers though so he made up his own recipe and man was it delicious!
He has such a gift.

Oh, and the shish kabobs turned out yummy as well :)

On the other side of the kitchen was me.
Baking my favorite cupcakes for my favorite kiddos in Primary.

They are called "Psychedelic" Cupcakes but since that's a tough word for a munchkin to say (or even know what it means)... I call them Tie-Dye Cupcakes.

The fun part about Tie-Dye cupcakes is that every bite is a new surprise and a new pattern of crazy colors.

They are super messy to make, but SO worth it when you take your first bite into their colorful rainbow and realize you forgot just how fun they were.

I didn't remember to bring my camera to church so you could witness our class enjoying them, but I did get to share some of the cupcakes later with my nephews who love them as well :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Symphony + John Denver = Happiness

This weekend the Symphony proudly presented...
John Denver: A Rocky Mountain High Tribute

We found out about this wonderful event this past week and couldn't pass up an opportunity to listen to some authentic JD tunes.
Chase, myself, and our friends are probably the biggest John Denver fans you will ever meet.
And yes... we proudly admit that we know every word to every song.

We did what the Symphony calls "Rush Hour Tickets" where you go an hour before the show and with your student ID, you get in for $10! So we got AMAZING $76 seats for only $10!

Now you have to understand that since John Denver is not alive anymore, we thought well... it's not really John Denver singing so it probably won't be that great... but it'll be fun to hear the music anyways. Let me tell you... the quality of the music FAR exceeded our expectations and all of us left with the biggest smiles on our faces.

Such good music. Such a fun time.

Oh... and of course... Chase entered himself in a John Denver look-a-like contest.
We're supposed to hear back from the symphony sometime this week with the results.
I have no doubt that he will win ;-)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are YOU the One?

Name: Jake

Attributes: charming, respectful, spiritual, intelligent, kindhearted, and not to mention quite handsome

Likes: John Denver, being outside, exploring new places, Mexico, a good homemade quesadilla, road trips, discussing the Gospel with friends and strangers, swimming, the environment, civil engineering, and of course his two greatest friends (Chase and I)

Seeking: his one and only

There is no catch.

He just simply is that great.

So... are you the one?