Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home.

Goodbye NICU.
Hello world.
Love, Mason

Monday, May 30, 2011


Once I came to terms with the fact that Mason was going to be coming early and that he would have to spend a couple of weeks in the NICU I was upset because hospitals bother me and having to be at one every waking second for who knows how long was just depressing to think about.

But I have to admit, the NICU at Banner Desert is pretty dang great. All of the nurses and doctors so far have been so helpful and absolutely wonderful, we couldn't have asked for a better experience so far. It's such a scary thought having your baby in the NICU and being poked and prodded all of the time, but I know he is in good hands here (although that doesn't mean it wasn't heart-wrenching to walk in here one morning and see an IV in his forehead. I wanted to cry, it was so sad!). Luckily, Mason is off all of that and is just being treated for jaundice right now. He is doing so well, the doctor says that if his bilirubin is down by tomorrow morning than he should be able to go home tomorrow afternoon! We are so excited and can't wait to take him home!

Our room at the NICU. There's also a couch that pulls out into a bed and a TV... it's actually a pretty cozy room.

Our poor little jaundiced baby under the light getting a suntan. As cute as those goofy glasses are, he's definitely not a big fan of lying there under the light with no blanket. He doesn't get very good sleep, I feel so bad for him :(

We hope you're better by tomorrow Mason so that they let us take you home! So keep eating and keep pooping lots little buddy, you can do it!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mason Adam Woodbury!

I know what most of you are thinking...
Wait, wasn't he supposed to be due on the fourth of July?!
Yes, he was... but SURPRISE!
We knew Mason was a little uncontrollable firecracker my whole pregnancy.
But we had no idea he had plans of his own for his delivery.
I like to think he was just anxious to meet us,
but it could've been other reasons too I guess.

Everything was going really well my whole pregnancy, no complications, no concerns.
Then last Sunday I came down with a nasty flu, and things took a turn for the worst.
I couldn't keep anything down and I hadn't felt Mason in a couple of hours.
So we called my doctor Sunday night and she said to go to the hospital and see her and so we did.
I was given an IV since I was so dehydrated, and some anti-nausea medication and then they sent me home around midnight.
Then around 5am Monday morning I start having contractions exactly 5 min apart for 2 hours and realize something's not right. So I go straight back to the hospital.
They gave me a couple of different medications to stop the contractions, made sure I wasn't dilating, and then sent me home.
The medication wore off pretty quick and I still continued to have contractions about 10 min apart all day, but as long as I didn't have more than 6 in an hour and I felt the baby moving than I should be fine.
So I stuck it out all night until about 5am Tuesday morning when the contractions started getting too close for comfort. And it was back to the hospital.
They gave me more medication to stop the contractions, made sure I wasn't dilating, and sent me home with a prescription for the medication so that if they started getting too close together again than I could just take it at home.
And so I did. Because they just kept on coming.
I began to accept the fact that my body was just under a lot of stress from the flu and that I was probably just going to have to deal with these contractions for the next few days until I was better and they subsided.
So even though when Wednesday morning rolled around and I wasn't feeling that great,
I bucked it up and went to work.
Contractions were 10 min apart most of the day, but then around 2 they started getting closer and closer together so I took some medicine.
They stopped for about an hour. Then started coming back 5 min apart.
By the time I got home I wasn't feeling so great. I didn't want to go back to the hospital though (for the sake of our dwindling wallet) and so I called my wonderful friend/doula to come over to see if I was dilating and to calm me down.
Sure enough, she checked me and I was 4cm dilated. We went to the hospital.
By the time I got there at 7pm I was 5cm dilated. They decided the best thing for Mason was to try and stop the labor so that his lungs had more time to develop. They put me on magnesium, which they hoped would slow things down for at least 48 hours while they gave me steroids for Mason's lung development.
They checked me again around 11pm and I was 7cm dilated. The doctor was still insistent on stopping the labor though and they gave me another IV of magnesium.
No luck though. 5am rolled around and they checked me again. I was 9cm dilated and there was no stopping him from coming.
They gave up and stopped the magnesium and let nature take its course.
Things started slowing down though and they had to break my water.
I was 9cm dilated for 5 hours and around 10am finally hit 10cm.
That's when the REAL fun began.
The doctors were shocked I was doing it without an epidural and probably thought I was crazy.
But I was determined. And thanks to Chase and my wonderful doula Brittani (who I owe my LIFE and couldn't have done it without!), it was definitely do-able.
I pushed for a half hour and then Mason came out at 10:38am.
5 lbs 13 oz, 19 inches long. A gigantic 34-week premature baby.
We like to call him the bully of the NICU.
His lungs were healthy. The doctors said he looked great.
His biggest difficulty right now is feeding. He doesn't really have much of an appetite and wants to sleep all day long, so they have him on an IV and a feeding tube. But he's breathing on his own and that's more than we could ask for.
They say he'll probably only be in the NICU for about 5-6 more days, so keep your fingers crossed!

Here's our story in pictures (minus all the lovely "personal pictures" that showed just a little too much):

Me trying to pretend to be happy on our way to the hospital, when in reality I was having an emotional breakdown.
Chase probably exhausted from lack of sleep for 4 days.
Me laughing at one of Chase's jokes at 9cm dilated, slightly delirious from lack of sleep.
Things start to shake up a bit as I enter the transition state of labor.
The NICU nurses getting ready to snatch my baby away from me after delivery.
Overwhelmed right after delivery and holding him.
My first words were "this is weird!". I just couldn't believe that there he was, the thing that had been in me for the past for 8 months!

Chase and I having a moment with Mason before they shipped him off to the NICU.
What I didn't mention though is that as Chase went to cut my umbilical cord, he accidentally snipped my IV too! It was pretty dang funny.
And off to the NICU he goes.
Our perfect little creation.
Chase helping give him his first bath!

Nice and clean and yummy!
Absolute perfection.

We couldn't have been more blessed to have such a successful premature delivery.
He's our little miracle and the best thing to have ever happened to us!
He's perfect.
We love you so much little Mason and can't wait to take you home!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week of Anniversaries

Today is our 1 year anniversary of being sealed in the Temple :)

Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary of going through the Temple.
Friday was my 24 year anniversary of being born into this world.
Monday was my 2 year anniversary of my baptism.

Lets just say it was a really good week and weekend.
To celebrate we went to the Temple as often as we could this week.
I am so grateful for all of the many blessings in my life, for my faith, and to have gained such a strong testimony over these past 2 years.
I love the Gospel.
I love my Heavenly Father.
I love my family and my friends.
I love Chase.
I love knowing that I will have the blessing of becoming a mother in just 2 short months.
I absolutely love my life.

One year later we're 7 months pregnant and even more obsessed with each other than we've ever been.
Happy Anniversary husband, I can't wait to spend the rest of eternity with you :)