Friday, August 26, 2011

3 Months Old

This past month has been so fun to see Mason's cute little personality come out! He has made so much progression and we are so glad that he is so happy and healthy these days! :)

Mason, at 3 months old you...

-Are 10 lbs 15 oz
-Have started to smile and we LOVE it!
-Love to coo and talk all day long, but your most playful hours are in the morning
-Are fussy and cry for no reason from the hours of 5pm-8pm everyday (or basically until we give you your bath and put you to bed)
-Love bath time
-Finally fit into your 0-3 month-old clothes
-Have started to like the swing and give me some nice long afternoon naps in it
-Got your first cold this week and it was so sad :( (and then I got sick once you were better...)
-Like to flirt with blondes... (you were smitten with the speech pathologist during your barium swallow... I've never seen you smile that much ever!)
-Your longest sleep interval at night is 4 hours long now (and we are incredibly grateful for that!)
-Have a sensitivity to dairy, soy, and eggs (so therefore I'm on a pretty boring diet... lucky me!)
-Love to stick your tongue out all of the time and lick anything that comes close to your mouth
-Are absolutely perfect and we love you to pieces!

I have a problem when it comes to taking pictures of Mason every time he smiles... so here are a bunch of them (I can never decide which ones are the cutest)...
Happy 3 months Mason! We can't wait to see how you will grow and change this next month! We love you :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mason's First Vacation

Where else would Mason go on his first vacation than to the Happiest Place on Earth?...
When the opportunity to go on a vacation to Disneyland and the beach last weekend arose, we were a little bit skeptical of whether or not we would be able to swing it with such a youngen... but boy are we glad we went!

Mason did great in the car ride and slept pretty much the whole way there and back!

We were lucky enough to be able to stay at a family friend's house in Laguna Beach and this is the view from their deck. Such a beautiful ocean view!

Their main room that leads to the deck, their entire house was just gorgeous!
The deck
The view of the ocean from our room :)

After settling in late Thursday night, we woke up nice and early Friday morning to go to Disneyland!

Little Evy up to no good :)
Space Mountain
My little boy
My other little boy
The best daddy in the world
He was such a trooper at Disneyland and behaved so well!

Chase, Mason, and I left Disneyland by like 6 because we were so exhausted and went back to the house to relax. Everyone else toughed it out though and stayed until late that night!
Saturday afternoon we went to one of the beaches in Laguna Beach

Mason's adorable pirate swim outfit with an eyepatch on his hood and all!
Mason loves being held by grandma. She ALWAYS gets a smile out of him!
Hanging with my little peanut on the beach
My two favorites boys :)

After we went to church on Sunday we stopped by the beach on the way out of town for a family picture!

We had such a good time and were so glad that we decided to go on vacation with the family. We needed to get away, especially before Chase starts back up in school next week.
Goodbye for now beach! We will miss you! :)