Saturday, November 26, 2011

6 Months Old

Mason is 6 months old?!
I CANNOT belieeeeeve it!
(Said like Quincy from Little Einsteins... yes, I'm a terrible mother and make Mason watch that show while I'm making dinner, and he loves it, and any other Disney Junior show for that matter)
Anyways, I have no idea where the time has gone.
I feel like he's going to be a year old before I know it.
He is so much fun right now, his little personality has been coming out in full force these past couple of weeks and I'm just LOVING it.

Mason at 6 months you...
-Are 14 lbs 11 ozs and 26 inches long
-Love to eat the baby food we make and get so excited when I put the bib on you
-Have had sweet potatoes, avocado, and acorn squash so far (I wouldn't really say you have a favorite quite yet, but my favorite is the avocado so far because they have been the nicest to your digestive system)
-Can sleep for 4-6 hours on your long stretch, but usually only choose to sleep for 2-3
-Drool all over and put everything in your mouth, but still no teeth
-Like to sit on your own, even though you still need our help to sit up
-Love to stand up and kick your legs like you're marching or something
-Are the most wiggly, active baby we've ever seen and everyone else thinks so too!
-Have this new thing where you like to bury your face into me and act shy when someone tries to talk to you
-Are getting more and more cuddly by the day and I'm just loving it and smother you with kisses every time
-Have started to get "stranger danger" and will cry out of nowhere if someone holds you for too long and you finally realize I'm not around
-Are such a busy little bee and keep me entertained all day long
-Talk, squeal, giggle, and make funny noises ALL day long and it's just the cutest thing ever

We love you so SO much that sometimes I think my heart is going to explode. I love your cute little personality and everything about you, smelly poops and all.
Happy 6 months my precious little peanut!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


This month has been such a blur.
We started looking for places to live a couple of weeks ago that were closer to ASU.
We found one that we liked last week, were approved the next day, and so we're moving this Saturday.
It's all happening so fast, but once we found a place in Tempe that was 2 bedrooms, in our price range, and literally less than a mile from ASU, we had to jump on it.
So we're moving before Chase's finals start and his life gets too crazy.
It's already too crazy.
But somehow, we'll have to find time this Thanksgiving weekend to move!
I have one week to pack all of our stuff.
We're sad to be leaving Ahwatukee, since it's home to both of us, but we're excited for our new adventure!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rice Cereal

Our adventures of solid foods has begun...
and this little guy is just lovin' life and going to town.

Nom nom nom.

Oh, and just a side note: When I ran upstairs to get my camera, Chase decided to get the cereal ALL over Mason for the pictures. We don't normally bathe him in his food...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Toy

Now that Mason's big enough we decided we would try out this bouncy toy,
and he just LOVED it.
I'm glad we have another way to entertain him when he gets cranky!