Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break

Last week was Chase's spring break,
and although we love ourselves a nice getaway vacation,
we had to stay in town because he had to work every day.
We still made the best of it, and since he only worked until about noon every day,
we were able to enjoy some beautiful weather.

Here's a recap of our spring break from pictures...
We bought a new car :) we love having so much more space

Our wonderful and very dear friends, Jake and Rosie, became a Mr. and Mrs. and we couldn't be more thrilled for them (I guess technically Chase went on vacation for 24 hours to Utah for the wedding...)
We went on a day date and had a lovely lakeside picnic :)

We went thrift store shopping, and I got this super cute skirt :)

We finally got Mason to stop chewing on his flip-flops long enough to wear them

We saw the Hunger Games! (and yes, the book is better, like always... but I did love the movie as well)

We got some really yummy tacos from "backyard tacos" with some friends... a legit taco stand/restaurant, literally in someone's backyard in Mesa

... and that's about it!
Although there was no beach involved, it sure was a fun and relaxing break :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

10 Months Old

I know I've been really bad at posting, considering the last post I did was when Mason turned 9 months old, but Mason has been keeping us pretty occupied these days!
He is one BUSY bee and is all over the place all of the time.
Although he is teething (his first tooth broke through a week ago) and has been a fuss bucket lately because of it, he still has the cutest little personality that we absolutely love!

Mason, at 10 months you...

-Got your first tooth!
-Look like an inchworm when you crawl, but you are so fast still
-Say "dada" all of the time when you are happy, and "mama" when you are upset
-Go crazy if I'm using my cell phone because you want it and HAVE to have it
-Like to open and close things
-Love to play with empty boxes
-Are SO strong... I can see the defined muscles in your legs, it's crazy!
-Prefer to eat what we're eating instead of baby food
-Dance when I sing or you hear a fun song
-Have finally gotten the hang of (sort of) a sippy cup
-Never stop moving!
-Love to play with cars (sometimes you just eat them, but you are starting to actually play with them now)
-Like to share popsicles with me or dad
-Give the yummiest kisses

Happy 10 months not-so-little guy!
We sure do love you!