Friday, April 27, 2012

Picnic and Paddle-Boating

Chase took his last final on Thursday and my birthday is on Sunday,
which means we were able to start my birthday weekend early!
I wanted to spend my birthday date outside, since the weather was perfect,
so we opted to not spend our precious non-baby time eating inside a restaurant, but to instead have a picnic outside at Tempe Town Lake and then to go paddle-boating out on the lake and watch the sun set.
Can you say "the perfect date"?
Because it was.
Absolutely everything about it was amazing.
I'd have to say paddle-boating is the most romantic exercise you can get!

Best birthday date ever.
Can't wait to keep celebrating all weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

11 Months Old

It's here... you're last month as a zero year old!
I can't believe it's almost been a year since you decided to surprise me and enter this world!
You are growing up so fast, and becoming such a little person.
A little person that we absolutely LOVE and adore.

Mason, at 11 months you...

-Weigh about 18.5 lbs
-Are one super duper fast crawler
-Are such an explorer and love to just be let loose and get into anything and everything
-Either love the taste of metal or like to eat shiny things (aka watches, necklaces, etc)
-Never keep your shoes on
-Try and eat our shoes when we're not looking (icky)
-Hoard your pacifiers and can usually be found with one with your mouth, and one in each hand
-Like to stick your finger in the hole in your pacifier and chew on it
-Pull yourself up onto everything to stand (you seem pretty sick of the floor and want to walk, but just haven't quite figured out how to on your own yet)
-Have 2 bottom teeth
-Still don't have a distinct eye color yet
-Like to stand RIGHT in front of the TV
-Prefer to lay on the couch with your hands in your crotch and your bum in the air
-LOVE to go to the park and play on the swings
-Have the cutest little giggle that makes me smile :)

Being your mother is such a privilege and I hope you know how much me and dad love you.

Happy 11 months little guy!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tacos and Such

It never really occurred to me until this week that Chase and I have a taco problem.
For the past month or so, we've been going to Taco Tuesdays at Cafe Rio and indulging in delicious sweet pork tacos for only $1.50.
Then last week we also had salmon tacos from Tia Rosa's...
we made cilantro lime tilapia tacos for dinner one night...
we made rice and bean tacos for lunch 2 days in a row...
AND we had tacos last night from Rosa's Mexican Grill!
What is our problem?!
And the sad thing is...
I could go for a taco right about now.

On another unrelated note...
Chase has been really into his "Medicinal Plants of the Southwest" book and has been making us go on walks to the park and lake (I'm definitely not complaining about that though) so that he can look up each plant that he sees and see what it can be used for medicinally.

Did I say look at? I also meant takes...

These are literally the weeds from our neighbor's front yard.
Chase washed and baked them until they were dried up and drank them as an herbal tea.
It is supposed to help with insomnia and relax you.
No thanks.
I leave this hippie hobby to my husband.

And that's last week in a nutshell.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Life Lately via Pics

Our life lately (as in this past week and weekend) can be summed up with few words and many pictures.
Those few words being...
Park. Zoo. Repeat. Literally.
This kid LOVES to swing and loves to stroll around the zoo.
We got our annual zoo pass, so I'm sure we will be going quite often!






Oh and we also went to Jake and Rosie's open house to try and shake things up a bit... :)

And it was a blast.

We sure do love spring!

p.s. As you can see, I just recently got Instagram. You can follow me @kimwoodbury :)

Happy Easter!

We had a fun first Easter with little Mason!

We went to church and he hung out with me in the nursery, like a big kid :)

Mason had his first Easter egg hunt! (he got distracted a lot and mostly just wanted to eat the eggs... but, it was still cute to watch)

He got some really cute Toms from grandma Easter Bunny

I got the book I've been wanting from grandma Easter Bunny

And last but not least, Mason passed out snuggled up to his bunny on the way home.
What a little cutie he is.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday we went on a little adventure to the zoo with my friend and her darling daughter.
This was Mason's first time (and mine in a LONG time), and we had a blast!
I've been debating getting an annual zoo pass or not,
because I didn't know if Mason would like it (since he doesn't really have any interest in animals yet),
and because well, it'll probably get up to 120 degrees this summer.
BUT after our trip yesterday, it just might be worth it.
Especially for right now in the spring, and during our lovely fall/winter seasons.

Mason and his friend :)
There were lots of pretty flowers
And monkeys

Me and Mason with the monkeys
My little yummy monkey :)

Yes, I do realize I took more pictures of Mason than of any animals.
Yes, I do realize I have a problem.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Warm Weather

In order to welcome in the warm weather we've been having,
I decided to take Mason to the pool for the first time this spring (AZ spring = 88 degree weather).
He hasn't been in a pool since last summer,
when he was just a wee one and didn't really mind what we did with him.
Well let me tell ya,
he sure minds now!
He wasn't a fan of going in the pool at all.
I'm not sure if he was scared, overwhelmed, or just cold (even though it was a heated pool).
But I guess we'll find out once it starts to get hotter and the pool warms up a bit more.
Because I'm just going to keep on tryin'.
He's going to appreciate the cool pool eventually,
because here in AZ, pools are an essential!

He still looked pretty darn cute in his very dry swim gear though! :)