Tuesday, July 31, 2012

14 Months

I consider myself one lucky mom to have such an edible baby.
Or not so baby, I guess. 
I still can't really call him a toddler,
he's just my little baby to me.

Mason's 14 months now and I literally just can't get enough of him.
Like I'll leave him with my mom for a few hours and miss him terribly,
so Chase and I need to come home from our date early, kind of can't get enough of him.
I guess that's what I get spending all day everyday with him,
it makes it incredibly hard to be away from him ever.
I'm working on it though...
Maybe someday I'll be able to leave him overnight.
But I don't think that day will be anytime soon.

Mason, at 14 months you...

-Love to give out kisses
-Have 5/almost 6 teeth
-Love Sesame Street and especially Elmo
-Your new favorite things to say are "Uh-oh" and "Hoo-ah" (Hoorah)
-Are capable of taking a few steps but refuse to walk on your own since it seems way too inefficient compared to crawling as fast as the speed of light
-Love strawberries and ice cream (separately, but I suppose together would be quite enjoyable too)
-Have outgrown your allergies to dairy and soy (which is a good thing since you love whole milk and ice cream)
-Get into everything and anything you're not supposed to
-Think "no" means "no really, keep doing that"
-Have the cutest, most contagious laugh I've ever heard
-Love being around your family and other friends
-Are such a happy baby and such a joy to be around

I consider myself the luckiest person in the world to get to snuggle you all day long.
And boy, do you have the best snuggles.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Camping Trip

This past weekend we went camping up on the rim.
Chase has been wanting to go camping ever since Mason was born and he finally convinced me.
Bad timing though, since Mason still can't walk and was crawling all over the place.
We still had fun though!... Despite the rain and Mason's handfuls of dirt.

Here are some (okay, more than some) pictures...

Our tent

Chase's parent's tent

The camp

My little flannel peanut

Yes, we let him play in the dirt. He didn't give us much of a choice.
But, have you ever seen a cuter camper?!

He was all over the place!

I know this one's blurry, but I love his little grin and teeth

Hanging out with dad


With gwanpa

Happy with Aunt Allie

Looking at the fire with dad


Snuggle bug

Yummy smores!

Eating his first marshmallow and loving it

Snuggling in the morning

Playing with grandpa

Up on the rim  

I'm getting sick of captions, so I'm going to stop now...

Things I wish I would've gotten a picture of:
-Chase and his dad setting up our camp in the pouring rain
-Our yummy tinfoil dinners
-Mason shoving dirt in his mouth

We had a lot of fun and loved the beautiful weather, 
but we might just have to wait to go camping again until Mason can walk!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Fourth

Our Fourth of July was really low-key, especially since it was raining for half of the day.
But boy, was the weather beautiful!

We started out the morning by sleeping in until 9:30... thanks Mason!

Then we went and watched Chase fish, since he has been wanting to go everyday in the 110 degree heat, but I refuse.

We also watched Chase swim in the rain for a little bit... I was a mean mom and didn't let Mason, but he certainly wanted to. I did let him crawl around on the wet pool deck though... :-/

Mason took a couple naps in the car...

Then we went to dinner to celebrate my brother's birthday :)

And then we ended the night by going over to our friend's and watching the fireworks on their TV... I know, we're kind of lame. But Tempe Town Lake was just a tad too crowded for our liking (we did get to see some of the fireworks while driving home though, if that counts!)

Happy Independence Day!