Monday, August 27, 2012

New Hobby

For a long time now, I've been wanting to learn how to sew.
I love crafty projects, but always avoided ones that involved having to sew, since I didn't know how to.
I've been wanting to make throw pillows for our couch for quite some time though,
and just kept putting it off and hoping that I would find cheap throw pillows that I really liked at Target or some other store.
Well over the course of a few months, I came to realize that there is no such thing as a cheap and cute throw pillow,
so when I got a 40% off a piece of fabric coupon from Hobby Lobby, I decided to take action and finally go look at fabrics.
I picked out a couple that I liked (there were so many though), and knew I had to get the ball rolling on learning how to sew since I finally had the fabric for them.
I went over to Chase's parents house to borrow his mom's sewing machine and she showed me how to use it.
Using a couple of the tutorials I found online on how to make a throw pillow cover, I was able to make 4 pillows that I love!

Here's the two patterns that I did:

This is the back of the cover:

They are by no means perfect (I need to get better at sewing in a straight line), but they are better than I thought I was capable of, so I'm pretty proud of them!

I have thought of so many other projects that I already want to do. 
I think I know what I want for Christmas... after all, Chase's mom is going to need her sewing machine back eventually!

Monday, August 20, 2012

We Have a Walker!

It's official... Mason can walk!
He has taken a few steps here and there before, but has had no interest in trying to walk.
Until this weekend, when he just decided, "Okay, I want to walk now".
He took 8 steps during the day on Saturday, and then when Chase and I got back from our date that night, Mason was just walking all over our apartment for my mom like it was no big deal!
We were shocked. It was awesome.
He still only likes to walk at home and is skeptical of walking outside of his comfort zone,
but hey, he can walk!
We're so excited for him!

Here's a video of him walking...

YAY, go Mason!