Friday, August 9, 2013

Linley Rose Woodbury: Birth Story

Up until this week I hadn't really been experiencing any consistent contractions, although at my 38 week check up I was dilated 2-3 cm. I started getting mild contractions though on Monday afternoon that were about 30 minutes apart; they weren't painful, just slightly uncomfortable. That night my contractions were still mild, but got all the way to 6 minutes apart and I started to think it was the real deal and that we might be having a baby that night. But then the contractions started getting farther apart, I eventually fell asleep, and woke up the next morning with just mild contractions again that we're 30 minutes apart, and felt somewhat disappointed and annoyed. I went and saw my midwife that day hoping that I had progressed a little but when she checked me I was still only dilated 3 cm. So I kind of gave up thinking that the baby would be coming any time soon and decided to just accept the fact that she would come in her own time, and in the mean time I would have these slightly annoying contractions that kept me up at night. I fell asleep fairly easily that night though, with no contractions, but was abruptly woken up at 1:30am by a painful wave of pressure in my lower back. 

I knew these contractions were much different than what I had been experiencing earlier in the week and knew pretty much instantly that this was probably the real deal. So I waited to see when the next one would come and started timing them. They went from every 10 minutes to every 6 minutes, to every 5 minutes over the course of an hour and a half. So I texted my midwife and told her what was going on and that I was going to call my mom to come watch Mason so that Chase and I could head to the hospital. My mom got to our place at 4, I called my midwife and doula and told them we were about to leave, and we headed to the hospital. By this time though, my contractions had already progressed to being 2-3 minutes apart and were coming at me HARD, so the car ride was pretty dang miserable and I was in the zone, probably ignoring Chase. We got to the hospital at 4:30am, and I headed to triage, hoping that by the time I got there I'd be like an 8 or more since I was having such strong contractions every minute or so. You can imagine my disappointment when they told me I was 6cm dilated, because in my mind I was thinking "I can't deal with this pain for 4 more centimeters!". So naturally I screamed at the nurses for an epidural even though that was not my birth plan, but I couldn't fathom being in the amount of pain I was in for hours and hours longer. At this point though, my contractions started coming RIGHT on top of one another, with no breaks. The nurse had disappeared and when she came back she said I sounded like (as in I was the only patient in triage causing a raucous) I was progressing really fast and that she wanted to check me again. So she did, and I was already a 9 (this was only about 10 minutes after she had told me I was a 6)! No wonder I was already feeling the urge to push! So I obviously said never mind to the drugs and they wheeled me to labor and delivery asap so that I could deliver my baby. The second we got to the labor and delivery room, my doula was able to join me and Chase and help me breathe through some pretty strong contractions for what seemed like eternity at the time, but was probably only about 5 minutes. I told my doula I was really feeling the urge to push and luckily right at that time my midwife walked into the room and we got the ball rolling. I started pushing at about 5:15am and Linley Rose Woodbury was born a mere 10 minutes later at 5:25am on Wednesday, August 7th. She was 7 pounds, 8 ounces and 19 inches of perfection. 

It was one quick delivery, and I am so grateful for that, since I was able to stick to my natural birth plan. I'm thankful for a loving husband that put up with how grumpy and crazy I was, for a wonderful doula/sister-in-law that helped reassure me that I could do it and that stood up for me when the nurses wanted to poke me with an IV just as I was about to start pushing, and for an amazing friend/midwife that called the shots, let me deliver in the position that was comfortable to me, and that helped bring my healthy and perfect baby into the world with no complications. Having a supportive birth team is essential and I'm eternally grateful for mine.

Linley Rose Woodbury
Born on 8/7/13 at 5:25am
7 pounds 8 ounces and 19 inches long

We love everything about you Linley Rose and feel so incredibly blessed to have you in our lives!