Sunday, July 22, 2012

Camping Trip

This past weekend we went camping up on the rim.
Chase has been wanting to go camping ever since Mason was born and he finally convinced me.
Bad timing though, since Mason still can't walk and was crawling all over the place.
We still had fun though!... Despite the rain and Mason's handfuls of dirt.

Here are some (okay, more than some) pictures...

Our tent

Chase's parent's tent

The camp

My little flannel peanut

Yes, we let him play in the dirt. He didn't give us much of a choice.
But, have you ever seen a cuter camper?!

He was all over the place!

I know this one's blurry, but I love his little grin and teeth

Hanging out with dad


With gwanpa

Happy with Aunt Allie

Looking at the fire with dad


Snuggle bug

Yummy smores!

Eating his first marshmallow and loving it

Snuggling in the morning

Playing with grandpa

Up on the rim  

I'm getting sick of captions, so I'm going to stop now...

Things I wish I would've gotten a picture of:
-Chase and his dad setting up our camp in the pouring rain
-Our yummy tinfoil dinners
-Mason shoving dirt in his mouth

We had a lot of fun and loved the beautiful weather, 
but we might just have to wait to go camping again until Mason can walk!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to one heck of a dad.
Mason is kind of sort of obsessed with you, and I don't wonder why.
You are one stand-up guy and he wants to be just like his daddy.
I'm slightly jealous of how much Mason wants to be with you all of the time,
but you are definitely the fun one, so I can't really blame him :)

Thanks for all that you do, and for being such an amazing and loving father!
Mason is one lucky boy to have you as a dad!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

California Trip!

This past weekend, Chase, Mason, and I, and some of our family, all went on a trip to California. 
We wanted to go for Mason's 1st birthday, but since his birthday was the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, we figured Disneyland would be way too busy, so a week later would have to do.
And it did. It was a great trip, and we had lots of fun!

Mason did a lot better than I thought he would on the car ride (well... for the most part).

We entertained him with lots of toys and of course, the ipad.

We were getting him in the Disney spirit by playing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the way there.

Friday we went to the beach all day, and although the sun refused to come out, it still felt amazing (considering it was 113 degrees in Phoenix that day) and we (and by we, I mean mostly just Chase...) got sunburnt.

He was a little skeptical at first.

And was all bundled up most of the time.

Except when he was playing in and eating the sand.

He didn't quite understand what to do with the shovel and bucket.
It was pretty entertaining.

He fell asleep on Chase for awhile, I guess all the excitement tuckered him all out.

He was so cute and yummy though, I was jealous.

Then on Saturday, we all went to Disneyland!

We had lots of fun in Fantasyland before the kiddos got too tired and needed a nap.

Then when they were napping, the big kids got their rides in :)

It was so fun to have so many of us there, although we missed those that couldn't make it.
Disneyland is the best with all of the family.
I don't think Chase and I would ever go with just us and Mason, it would be way too exhausting to actually take care of Mason the whole time all by ourselves! Imagine that.
We had tons of help, thank goodness, so Chase and I were still able to enjoy it for ourselves as well.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and I was so sad to leave.
Especially to come back to this dreadful weather!
We need to move to California asap.